Editors Choice – Poetry – Winter Edition 2019

The Knee Poem

by Lindsey Lane

This poem is my personal pick for the Editor’s Choice Award in Poetry. It is both topical and universal while also encapsulating both the political and personal aspects of the poet. It accomplishes this without excess. Unfortunately, due to my own error the entire poem did not make it into the journal. I apologize to Ms. Lane for that oversight and we will print the entire poem in the next edition. Here it is in it’s entirety. For maximum effect, read it twice.


The Knee Poem


Skinned knees

Scabby knees

Fall out of a tree and pick yourself up knees


Tucked knees

Cannon ball tight knees

Make a splash knees


Knobby kneed

Knock kneed

Nylons bagging, trying to grow up too fast knees


These knees

These knees

These simply bending



Silky knees

Charleston knees

Playing peekaboo behind hands knees

Teasing like winking eyes under skirts knees


Ooo…the bee’s knees

Make me weak in the knees

Crawl across hot sand and broken glass a million miles to kiss those knees

Swooning, fall into your arms knees.


These knees

These knees

These simply bending



Scarred knees

Scrubbing floors knees

Twenty bucks-a-pop knees

Please don’t. I’ll never do it again knees.


Wounded knee

Boy, Get on your knees

Put your hands behind your back knees

Knee jerk, gun to the head knees


Fuck no

Take a knee

Bent knee

Bent down

Bent over

Bent up

Bent too long

Worn out

These knees can be replaced


Kneeling knees

Prayer knees

Feeling small at the alter of something big knees


Dig in the earth, dirt stained knees

Chubby baby wobbling into your lap knees

Begin again, crawling out of the muck knees.


These knees

These knees

They simply bend.


Lindsey Lane (Austin , Texas) was inspired to write this poem by the incarcerated women at Lane Murray Unit to whom she bows down.


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Tony Burnett is an award winning poet and songwriter. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in over 40 national literary journals and anthologies including, most recently, Tidal Basin Review, Fringe, Texas Poetry Calendar 2014, Red Dirt Review, The Vein, Toucan Magazine and Connotation Press. He currently serves as board president for the Writers' League of Texas, a 1200 member non-profit supporting Texas writers in all stages of their careers. He lives in rural central Texas with his trophy wife, Robin.

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